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About me.

Hello! My name is Charlie Diggle.  I am a piano teacher and composer of several award-winning short films and I am bringing piano lessons to The Priory School.  I am passionate about making music accessible in young people's lives and providing lessons to all abilities.  I have been teaching in schools and privately for over 5 years and I have watched dozens of students find their musical voice and discover a new passion. 

Everything you need to know:
How will lessons work?
Piano lessons will take place during school hours.  The sessions will be taught 2:1 of either 20 minutes or 30 minutes.
I recommend 20-minute sessions for years 2,3 and 4, and 30 minutes for years 5 and 6 however this is not a requirement.

Don't worry about missing too much school time, the lessons will be on a rolling rota, meaning the same lesson will not be missed each week.

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What will lessons entail?
I have created a guided step-by-step curriculum covering aspects of music theory, scales, songs, and reading music.
Each week I will set 3 simple goals in the provided progress book to aim for and "level up".  It is however important to me that music remains fun and engaging.  I allow lessons to evolve and take natural detours or tangents towards the interests of my students.  
How much do lessons cost?

20 minutes - £10
30 Minutes - £15

Lessons will be billed half-termly and paid in advance, usually 6 sessions however this can differ slightly depending on term length and special events such as sports day or school trips.

Please inform me when you sign up if a lesson will not be attended and it will be deducted from the billing.  
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Teaching dates:
5th June
12th June*
19th June
26th June
3rd July
10th July
17th July

20 Minutes £10 
30 minutes £15 

x6 sessions         £60
x6 sessions         £90

*Year 6 residential trip.  Please inform me if your child will be on this trip and this date will be deducted from the total 
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What happens next?
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, I'd be happy to have a chat with you!

Otherwise, please fill in the form below and it's as simple as that.  You will receive a confirmation if spaces are available and invoiced before the first lesson.

Sign up cutoff 23rd May 

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Limited Spaces
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