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Hello, my name is Charlie Diggle.  I am writing to apply for your position of Associate Technical Sound Designer.  Having read your company's aim and the perks you offer; it is abundantly clear that Great Ape Games cares about their employees.  The way your company is run seems to align strongly with my values and I would cherish the opportunity to work with you. 

Since completing my Ba(Hons) Sound Production Degree at the University of Winchester, I have been working as an audio freelancer for the past 5 years as a sound designer, composer, audio engineer, and Foley artist for various projects with the long-term desire to transition into working in the games industry.  Finding an entry-level position in this field and getting onto the ladder has however proved challenging.  I have much to learn yet in the world of game audio, but I have many transferable skills from the film industry.   This role you are offering at Great Ape Games is the perfect career opportunity and I feel I can be a valuable asset to your team.  

Skills I can offer:

Proficient audio editing skills in a DAW such as Pro Tools or Reaper/ Strong understanding of audio principles, especially non-linear sound design
I currently work with and have extensive knowledge using Logic Pro X.  I also have some experience using Pro Tools and Studio One and I am a fast learner when transitioning to a new DAW.  I have vast experience and expertise in audio manipulation and mixing.  My
work has allowed me to develop a keen ear for quality.  During my studies I also spent an entire module on sound design where I learned practices which I continue to carry into my work today.

Experience working on a number of creative projects and being in charge of all sound remotely/Editing of speech and other audio assets
I have worked in the film industry for the past 5 years and have been the HOD of sound on two short films as well as the sole sound designer for two others: working remotely from my professional home studio. I have also worked on several short films as a dialogue editor and created audio assets from Foley recordings.


Work with the audio team and the creative director to deliver an audio experience that meets the creative vision.
I have worked as part of several audio teams and delivered audio whilst working to tight deadlines (I do however appreciate your aversion to crunch).  I understand the best creative output often comes from collaboration and how important it is for a tight-knit team to rely on each other to function most effectively.

Areas of interest and development:

Some knowledge and understanding of Unreal and Wwise (or similar game engines and audio middleware)
Having a desire to work in the games industry, I have spent countless hours learning about audio middleware.  I have taught myself the basics of FMOD however I have not yet had the chance to implement this knowledge on a project.  I understand that Unreal and Wwise may have a slightly steeper learning curve than FMOD however I am extremely keen to learn more and explore my creativity further.  The creative potential of creating audio for game is something which genuinely excites me!

Scripting/Coding experience
I have taught myself some basics of coding through YouTube tutorials and forums and implemented my own code when creating my website.  I enjoy problem-solving and learning on the go to figure out how to make something work.  Acquiring knowledge on how scripting/coding for audio systems in middleware works is something I am incredibly intrigued by and look forward to diving into.

Demonstrable interest in the technical aspects of game development
Small details captivate me in games, such as the reverb changing on footsteps as your character changes location to immerse yourself into a game.  I would love the opportunity to explore audio implementation in games and think creatively to create a fully immersive experience for the user.

Into Dinosaurs

All the evidence you need is linked right here

Thank you very much for spending the time to review my application.  I am based in Dorset, meaning I would be applying for a remote position, however, I am not too far away that I could not come into your offices occasionally if this was necessary.  I would love the opportunity to come up and meet your team in person and see your base of operations if my application is successful.  Once again, I would like to state how much I admire your company's work ethic, every bullet point I have read on your website is wonderfully refreshing!

Finally, would you please also consider this both an application for Associate Technical Sound Designer role and as a speculative application if you believe I could be a good fit to your tribe anywhere else?

Thanks again for your consideration and I wish you luck with your latest release.

Charlie Diggle


Joe Walker (Director)


Andrew Weltch (Producer)


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