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From delicate piano to dramatic orchestral works - contemporary yet original sounds to big band jazz, Charlie Diggle has an impressive range in composition whilst consistently staying true to his sound and style of writing and production.


He has a fantastic ability to add emotional meaning to a scene with subtle nuances and a distinctive breath or fresh air. With a keen ear for perfection Diggle can deliver polished and sleek audio from his professional home studio.  He produces unique soundscapes and creates new worlds of sound in his music and production.

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Photography by Joseph Walker

A pianist of over 15 years and Sound Production graduate of the University of Winchester, Charlie Diggle has advance knowledge in music composition and audio.  He has worked as a composer, audio HOD, sound designer, and audio mixer on several award winning short films and continues to build strong working relationships with directors and peers in his field.

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Get in touch today for professional music and audio services.  I would love to discuss your project and work out a plan in accordance to your budget and timescale.



Music Composition

Audio Mixing

Sound Design

Dialogue Editting

Audio Repair

Music & Production Tuition

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